I've moved!

Posted on Fri 05 February 2016

I've moved! From Blogger to Pelican

I've used Blogger for quite some time and have enjoyed my experience with it. But over time, I've found that I needed a professional website that I had built myself. I wanted something quick, easy and familiar, so Django wouldn't have worked for me (Mezzanine and DjangoCMS can be challenging as well) and Flask was just too flexible for what I needed. I remembered someone at a meetup talking about their work on Pelican, a static site generator. I had seen examples of other static sites (I believe Cloud Guru servers their site like this) and after looking through the documentation, I decided to give it a try. Pelican relies on markdown or restructured text to build it's files. If you have experience writing readme.md files, creating a blog is a snap! I'm launching this side by side with a new project of mine, deployed for the first time, www.hashtagbrews.com. I'll periodically refer to this project in some of my other blogs as it has been a great source of new material to write about. I'm hoping to get some Ruby and C programming content in the next few weeks. Very excited! Stay tuned!