About Me

I currently work as an operations engineer in the foreign exchange industry. I have studied Python for five years with some experience in Ruby, Javascript and C as well. I built this site using a simple DigitalOcean droplet, Python's Pelican library for static site generation and Ansible to automate the deployment of the site. Some of my hobbies include homebrewing, playing the guitar and clarinet and travelling.


oneZero Financial LLC

January 2013 - Present

Operations Engineer

  • Wrote Ping CRM system using Python and the Django Framework.
  • Designed a REST API wrapper in Python for clients to query and manipulate settings.
  • Automating daily operations tasks using Python and Powershell.
  • Deploying open source (MySQL, PostgreSQL, stunnel, etc.) and commercial tools on servers in Equinix NY4, Amazon AWS.
  • Setup and manage alerts on OpsView, Nagios to ensure 100% uptime across all development, demo and production servers.
  • Providing level two triage technical support to more than 100 brokerages worldwide.
  • Present weekly operations report on client upgrades, operational protocols and support issues to top-level executives.

Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Writing functional test suites with Selenium and Python to run against a proprietary financial reporting system.
  • Reproducing issues identified in production, providing configuration and details to the development team using Jira and verifying fixes are effective before closing issues.
  • Actively test new builds of oneZero financial bridging technologies and supplemental products using smoke and regression testing methodologies; documenting feedback and writing test cases to developer scrum boards for product improvement.

Peregrine Financial Group

April 2006-July 2012

Operations Engineer

  • Evaluated potential software products based on new and existing system development and migration requirements.
  • Monitored and updated back-end data by inter-communicating between back office systems.
  • Identified and suggested new technologies and tools for enhancing product value and increasing team productivity.
  • Handled all incoming business and client requests for information.
  • Maintained computer and physical filing systems.
  • Conducted research to address customer concerns.
  • Provided base level IT support to non-technical personnel within the business.
  • Managed call flow and responded to technical support needs of customers.
  • Resolved customer issues in a clear, courteous and straightforward manner.